Hello. Our hotel has been present for over 40 years. We make the best for all our customers.


Pier-Beach has a unique story among other hotels in the area. It was built to provide accommodation to Holiday makers and Business executives who want sea front access and close proximity to the old town of Limassol. At the time that it was being built it was one of the first hotels in the heart of Limassol combining Business & Leisure! This combination makes sets it apart from other hotels because anyone who visits Pier-Beach Hotel can enjoy the sea or the old town just a short walk away.

The hotel was built in 1980s by Eugenios Sykopetritis who always wanted to offer the best for his guests with his unique character and friendly spirit. He left the hotel’s operations to his daughter and son in law who renovated it and brought it up to modern and up to date standards. Now his grandchild is operating and managing the hotel and his ambition is to keep up the standards, but also to keep this friendly family spirit going that made this small charismatic place the jewel of Limassol old City. He always states that a holiday maker should feel like part of the family of our operation!

At Pier-Beach Hotel, we are eager to share that we still serve the generation of families and individuals we originally served when we first operated, not to mention new customers.

We are delighted to welcome you to our family.

About the Hotel
Pier-Beach Hotel provides 35 rooms from which 28 are studio apartments and 7 one-bedroom apartments, parties and other gatherings. It also houses a country style pub restaurant where many can enjoy their dinner and beverages whilst watching sports games on the 6 big screens. In all areas of the hotel a free wi-fi service is provided.

Pier-Beach Hotels offers traditional hospitality with 21st century amenities. Call it the Jewel Of Limassol center!

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.