Limassol has the largest coastal resort on the island of Cyprus and offers plenty of attractions. Whether you desire a relaxing beach holiday, or a more sophisticated cultural visit, Limassol caters for all.

Limassol attracts a considerable amount of visitors each year, who come to discover its beautiful beaches which offer numerous water activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing, para-gliding etc. Moreover, the city is significantly famous for its sites of historical and archaeological importance, that are to this day very popular attractions .

Limassol Zoo

The zoo is located on the coastal road of Limassol, and is the only zoo in Cyprus. It accommodates a diverse selection of animals, an average of 300 including birds. The residents of the zoo include lions, tigers, bears, panthers, zebras, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, vultures, emu, falcons and macaws etc.

Limassol zoo also features a natural history museum and an educational centre which frequently screens films on wildlife and nature.

The zoo includes a special designated area for children.

The Castle of Limassol

The history of this castle dates back to 1228, when Frederick the Second of Germany and his supporters imprisoned the hostages seized by Ibeline, the king regent of Cyprus. It is also said that it is an ancient Byzantine castle. This castle is also a witness for the marriage between king Richard and Queen Berengaria.

Today’s structure is mostly rebuilt under the Turkish domination (19th century) and also accommodates the Cyprus Medieval Museum.

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The Limassol District Archaeological Museum

This museum was initially housed in Limassol, which was founded in 1948. It holds many extraordinary artifacts dating from the beginning of the 4th and 5th centuries AD and covers all the historical periods to the early phases of the Ottoman period (16th-17th century). Collections of artifacts presented are mostly connected with the latest periods of Cyprus’ history, signifying various great archaeological discoveries.

Limassol beaches The city of Limassol has the longest coastline of all the cities in Cyprus. The city offers a diverse style of public and controlled beaches.

Things to do

  • Visit the Limassol Wine Festival, every September.
  • Party during the Limassol Carnival, every February/March. Truly Colorful!
  • Watch the Cyprus Rally every Autumn.
  • Visit one of the traditional buzukia (tavern with live music).
  • Explore the Limassol Castle and nearby Old Town area.
  • Visit Anexartisias street in the Old Town, a popular shopping area for both tourists and locals.
  • Take a stroll on the seafront Akti Olympion in the evening.
  • Take a walk on the wooden promenade along the sea opposite the archeological site of Kingdom of Amathus.
  • Drive down to the Kourion (15 km) area offers sites of historic importance, namely The House of Achilles, and The Altar of Appollo and spectacular views of the Curium Beach.